Easy, Reliable Staffing


RED Hospitality Staffing™ makes it easy to staff any service situation. Whether you’re looking for full-service restaurant or bar staff, or want to bring a special event to life, we provide experienced, professional bartenders, waitstaff, and hosts for all your needs. RED is specialized for everything hospitality.

bartender pouring drinks

Restaurants & Bars

RED Hospitality Staffing™ provides multiple staffing solutions for your full-service restaurant or bar. With our localized networks, you can get permanent or temporary staff right away. Whether you’re looking for bartenders, seasoned waitstaff, or captains, let us find service professionals for your business. All placements are only $25. You can also find candidates by posting on our local job board for just $5. RED’s competent pool of service personnel is ready to meet your business needs.

professional staff carrying tray with drinks

Event Staffing

Need to impress the boss and the rest of the C-suite with your next event? Celebrating with friends and family? Our staffing agency has experience with every type of occasion. Whether you’re hosting a large or small gathering, we make it easy to hire bartenders and experienced waitstaff, allowing you focus on what’s important—your guests.

  • Corporate Events
    Promotional Events, Conferences, Launch Parties
  • Private Events
    Weddings, Reunions, Dinner Parties



staff setting table


Short staffed and short on time? Streamline the hiring process by allowing us to manage the hiring process for you. We’ll help you assess your staffing requirements and provide you the best fit for your needs.

  • Restaurants
  • Bars & Clubs
  • Catering Halls

New York’s Staffing Agency

Our team has been providing highly-trained hospitality personnel across the New York City area and Long Island for years. Simply reach out and we’ll help fulfill your staffing needs. Our professional team is ready to exceed your expectations.

New York City staffing range